Geolier: “Convince my family that I wanted to do the rap has been difficult, but today they are a brand”

In the latter year the name of Geolier it is the most cumbersome in the world of Italian rap. The rapper of Secondigliano, Naples, in fact it has become one of those from the feat, with which so many want to work only a few are succeeding. Emanuele Palumbo, in fact, is the past from listening to his myths as well as every guy to him and collaborarci together. For a few weeks, was released the repack of their first album, “Emmanuel”, of course, that immediately flew in the top positions of the ranking, but the singer can also boast two feat important, the one with Shablo and Ball Ebbasta in “M Miss” and the one with Anna Tatangelo in “Guapo”. His is, without a doubt, one of the names to keep an eye out for the next few years, with his flow, rhymes, in neapolitan, and 50 Cent as a myth, Geolier adds another name to the list of new rappers who are changing the rules of the rapgame, but, above all, has wide margins of improvement.

“P Secondigliano” was his first success, was also the first piece posted on the net, convinced by friends. The incredible success led him immediately in a dimension that is complex to manage, both artistic and personal. The friends begin to not understand what happened, but also in the family, sometimes the same thing. Emanuele decided to leave the work to try to make music in a professional manner, thanks also to the help of Enzo Chiummariello, a well-known name in the environment of the Italian rap. When he says to the father, things are not as she expected, but just a little to make him understand that his is already a name, and now everyone wants to feat with this guy in Secondigliano who dreams of a feat with 50 Cent but above all, he aspires to surpass its idols, also thanks all0aiuto of the fans: “The people are looking for Geolier, because they are like them, the guys reflect all, even in the way you talk and the way you ask”.

Hi Emanuela, your first hit was “P Secondigliano”, what has changed since then?

Hip hop in general was not like it is now, if you did rap it was a strange thing, if an egg of the New Era you were from the head, now is different, now if you rap, you have an advantage, if you want to do rap, you have to know how to do.

With the success and how has it changed the relationship of your friends?

I always saw this thing in a strange way, because every famous artist is left alone, this thing I never understood and now I’ve understood, they that are far from thee.

What is different in your way of making music?

Before I wrote that I was casting, then I started making the music that I like, people recognize me as the artist that I wanted to be, not as that of a single Queen, and Mercedes.

How was it like to make it clear to your that in life I wanted to be a rapper?

It is difficult to leave a place of work to make music. I worked in a factory of chandeliers, and leave this, for my father was inconceivable, to leave a place of work to make music, did not understand, I was told that I had to fulfill my destiny. Then I had to explain to him this thing of the people who took pictures with me. “Impossible,” my dad said, “you’re nobody”. But now is different, once came to a concert, then did not come, however: there were two, three thousand people.

What were your artistic references?

I started doing rap when 50 Cent released “Get Rich or Die Tryin” and I looked at him as a thing to study. In Italy I was crazy for the With the Sang and the Club Dogo but I have always said that these people had an idol, and have exceeded it.

What is the reason for your huge feedback from the public?

People search Geolier, because they are like them, the guys reflect all, even in the way you talk and the way you ask. You have a brand.

Unlike other rappers from naples that you are italianizzati you keep rapping in dialect?

I thought of this thing, and I keep thinking, surely I’ll have to do I also a piece in Italian, however, I will never leave the dialect, because my point of strength, without the dialect Geolier is like all.

How did the collaboration with Anna Tatangelo?

With Anna we met in the studio, we caught, we wanted to make a piece because she spoke of this change that he wanted to do, told us about the project and we have to be gassed to death, and then we went in the studio, but she is strong.

Wealth, brand, status, egotrip. In addition these things of what you can talk about your rap?

In reality, I ended up singing these kinds of things in the Mercedes, now you have to talk about things that are important to go forward to reach a wider audience, you need to say other things, say difficult things but in an easy way.

What are you listening to this period?

I’m listening to the disc of Kendrick Lamar, one of Dr. Dre’s Compton, that is scary, and Pop Smoke, the posthumous album.

How did I Miss?

I had this beat Shablo, was in quarantine, and I was writing the repack. I did this piece a Shablo, but I’d never in office, I listened to only because I didn’t like, then ended the quarantine, after the repack, I have contacted and I said, “I made You another piece”, I’ll send it to him and he disconnects and tells me that is scary, then I asks him and he tells me that he spoke with the Ball, after it is in the studio. I’m happy, the piece was already strong, he felt, then, when he sent me the finished piece, I realized that it was a hit. Ball said that to me already it would be a hit and indeed it was.

What is your goal today?

I think that for an artist the most difficult thing is not so much to do be as successful as keep it, so my project is to stay on