Gérard Depardieu : a reunion well-watered with Pierre Richard

It is a legendary duo of cinema that reforms… if not for the work, at least for the fun of it ! On his Twitter account, Pierre Richard has shared the memory of a damp night in the company of his great friend Gérard Depardieu. The opportunity to reminisce about the good old days, the shooting experiences are common, The Goat – 1981 – the Friends – 1983 – in passing through The Fugitives – 1986. And around a glass of red please ! “Friends for life, friends for wine”, wrote the famous big blond hair lunar.

Their pairing has made us cry with laughter for years. In October 2014, the two actors were found – twenty-eight years after their last collaboration – to turn, not to Francis Veber, but for Jean-Pierre Mocky. In the short film Agafia, Pierre Richard and Gérard Depardieu is going in a village of Russia, a sign, without doubt, to the proud accomplice of Mr. Putin. “It’s been so long that we had not toured together, rejoiced in the unforgettable François Pignon in the seventh item that is why I immediately accepted the proposal.” As for his friend, what a joy for him to find “the actor” as “the winemaker” !

There is a saying in Persian to assure him, “the intoxication of youth is stronger than the drunkenness of wine”. This is not quite true in the case of the relationship between Gérard Depardieu and Pierre Richard. One has never really hidden his passion for the drink – he brought the same bottles in the sweet behind-the-scenes of the film Thalasso, with Michel Houellebecq, the other grown in its field for over thirty years. The actor actually produces his own drink in vineyards nestled between two ponds, in Gruissan, in a field of more than fifty hectares. “Just like the cinema, the wine gives pleasure to people,” he explains on the site of its production. It promotes brotherhood, sharing and sparking conversations inflamed.” And this is not Gege who will say the opposite…