Gérard klein “super glandeur” : the retreat to green with his wife, the title envisages a surprising come back

Gérard klein

From 1993 to 2005, Gérard klein embodied a nice teacher moving around the corners of the france and facing various situations on social themes in the series the title. A role that marked his career for the rest of his life. Since then, it’s hard to see that he’s gone from the radar.

“with my wife [françoise vallon, ndlr], we live a house with grass around, space. I’m a great glider: I can spend time doing nothing at all. These are the most constructive moments for me,” said Klein.

The actor and his wife are the parents of melia (born in 1980) and ninon (born in 1983). Of his first marriage with sadorgian chantal, he is also the father of Veronica (born 1963). Handling the frank talk, klein gerard spoke about the end of his career that went hand in hand with the arrest of the title.

But I sleep well, I’m not angry with anyone (…) in the street, people always recognize me, it’s touching. The producer and creator of the grimblat stone series, had read in a book that gerard klein was far from the image of the nice, adorable teacher with the children in real life. Only to this, even the younger ones send him nice words in the street clame the actor.

78 years old, klein gerard would be ready to write the final lines of his career with, why not, a return of the title. “a funny idea, it would be victor novak retired,” he said, adding that his character could find old students everywhere in france and around the world. Before the project sees the day, the actor has another surprising project under his arm.

“I want to make an album of songs at 80 years old (…) I try to talk about a grandfather’s relationship with his grandchildren. I work, right, I really work.