Gianni Morandi and doubts about its future in music: “To tell you the truth, I do not have clear ideas”

Gianni Morandi is one of the most illustrious and well-known artists in the Italian music scene and it is for this reason that can not pass unnoticed the words to confess to his fans in a post on Facebook the last few hours. The singer of Monghidoro, was photographed smiling in his label, which he visited in these days. A photo of smiling, accompanied by a interesting consideration, that says a lot about his relationship with the music and with the hypothesis of working on new projects in the near future:

“I made a quick trip to Milan, at the Sony Music – writes Morandi – my record company”. Then it continues: “a little bit of time I recorded new songs and I wanted to share something with my recordings. We realized that in the last few years many things have changed in the world of music and in the way you listen to music from all the fans. Always less CD and vinyl, the songs you listen to on the various platforms in the network, and a great deal on a smartphone”. Then Morandi, 75 years, held last December, talks about the current context record revolutionized by new trends and technologies, he has from a very early age has undoubtedly represented a turning-point for the Italian music (see his recent collaborations with the Baglioni, and, at the same time, with Rovazzi):

In the meantime, the new musical trends are emerging and it is the young audience that addresses the market (but also at the time of the 45’s, they were always the young people to determine the success of a song).
The artistic director asked me if I had any idea of my future or any of the proposals to be submitted, to which I replied vaguely, then we said goodbye.
It was an encounter that made me reflect on how will be my future.
To tell you the truth, I don’t have clear ideas…

The admission of Morandi, who professes not to be certain that in the future there will be new recording projects, appears to be a part of the all-natural, but on the other, is striking, in view of the huge reputation that sets him apart and above all a strong ability to interact with the new, new music, and the current rulers of the music landscape.

It remains the most enviable in the way in which Gianni Morandi tells his fans through social media, without a filter, admitting with the simplicity and frugality of his daily life, which is also made up of doubts and perplexities.