Gigi Hadid : Already “pregnant a few months” at the last Fashion Week

Due to the coronavirus, the fashion industry is at a standstill ! Confined to their home, Gigi Hadid, and many other models communicate with the outside world thanks to social networks. The pretty blonde pregnant with her first child has discussed live with hundreds of thousands of internet users. The opportunity to discuss her pregnancy.

This pregnancy, first formalized by the mother of Gigi, Yolanda Hadid, and then by the top model in person, has delighted his many fans. Hundreds of thousands of them have followed his live Instagram with the makeup artist Erin Parsons for the brand Maybelline (which Gigi is the ambassador), during which the two women were very widely spoken beauty.

Gigi Hadid has also talked about suspicions of plastic surgery that are the subject of : “people think that I’m getting injections in the face, which is the reason that my face is round. I’m like that since I was born. Especially during the months of fashion, when I was already pregnant for a few months.” Thus, the companion of the singer and future dad Zayn Malik indicates that she was already pregnant at the time of the Paris Fashion Week, in February 2020. Gigi had actively participated in game shows (including Lanvin, Off-White™, and Miu Miu) and the evenings are in demand.

Gigi Hadid is currently confined in the house of his mother, Yolanda Hadid, located in Pennsylvania, near New York city. His little sister Bella and her boyfriend Zayn Malik are staying there also. The small family has recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of Gigi, a party which would have also served as a baby shower early.

“We are excited, happy and grateful for the congratulations and the support of the whole world,” said Gigi Hadid and Jimmy Kimmel in an interview in duplex. Until then, Gigi lives her pregnancy discreetly and does not share in the evolution with its followers.