Gilbert Sigrist : the Death of the pianist Barbara, Bécaud and Aznavour

Gilbert Sigrist died in the afternoon of may 2, 2020, in Montbéliard (Doubs), died of a long illness. The pianist and conductor was 82 years old. The sad news was announced by his son, Laurent, Is a republican.

The latter was keen to point out, rightly, that his father worked with Barbara and that he had the right to put his voice on it Say, when come back to you ?, released in 1987 and featured on the album Chatelet 87, Volume 2 : “My father was its first pianist. It is he that intends to play during the recording of this song.”

The career of Gilbert Sigrist takes to the skies in the 60s, when he toured with Rika Zaraï. In 1964, he met Gilbert Bécaud, of which he became the pianist and the conductor of the orchestra from 1964 to 1978. From 1995 to 2000, he worked under the leadership of Charles Aznavour.

After its peak, Gilbert Sigrist continued the music with his son Laurent, bass player, within the Gilbert Sigrist Trio. The trio has relayed his death its page on Facebook, recounting his great career. “Composer, arranger, pianist and conductor. Gilbert has had two lives, he accompanied as pianist Barbara, Leo Ferré, Gilbert Becaud and Aznavour and many other musicians. As a composer, he has created a musical comedy inspired by the sacred mystery of the Bible, The Most Beautiful Story, with Georges Auric’s group of six, including the main title The Time Will was interpreted by Gilbert Becaud with lyrics of Louis Amade, he has also collaborated with Jean-Jacques Perrey in Dynamoog. Gilbert then led a career as a jazz musician with his son Laurent Sigrist, bassist, and Francis Wininger to the battery within the trio Gilbert Sigrist Trio, of which he was very proud,” he summarized.

At the time of the death of Charles Aznavour, which occurred on October 1, 2018, Gilbert Sigrist had paid a tribute. “He always had words of humor in repetition,” he said on France Bleu. “In rehearsals, it was pretty strict. He had to follow his instructions to the letter”, was also remembered.