Ginevra lambruschi and mirko antonucci, was born the daughter sophie! photos

Ginevra lambruschi and mirko antonucci, was born the daughter sophie! photos

The general conditions now exposed govern the methods of access and use of the services offered by the website Registration and acceptance of the general conditions of the service access to the ugc services (hereinafter the ugc services) is provided through the rcs mediagroup S.p.A. sites to each user who is regularly registered and registered, as a user. To each user, before proceeding to registration, rcs mediagroup S.p.A. asks to accept the general terms of contract here detailed and to have read carefully the information regarding the processing of personal data provided to rcs mediagroup S.p.A. necessary for access to services.

By completing the registration and registration procedure with the insertion of your oername and password you will be required to click on the link I accept. The username and password you provide are personal and may not be oated by anyone else to access the services offered by the site. You agree to keep your username and password and not allow third parties to use it.

The user undertakes not to make more than one registration and not to record accounts with the purpose of abusing the features of the site. Following the rcs mediagroup S.p.A report, it will deactivate the registration and erase any content. The absence of signalling and subsequent disability will determine the user’s direct and exclusive responsibility for all oi and/or abuse of his username and/or password.

1.9 You may at any time request the cancellation of your registration and your data by sending a communication to rcs mediagroup S.p.A. to the following email address: [email protected] This Agreement immediately after receiving the request for termination of this Agreement and username and password will be deleted. 1.10 It is understood that rcs mediagroup S.p.A will not be in any case and for any reason considered responsible to the user or to third parties for the change, suspension, interruption and/or termination of the services.

Description of the services ugc rcs mediagroup S.p.A offers each user the possibility to access the services ugc . In no event rcs mediagroup S.p.A. may be held liable for the failure or inaccurate fulfillment by the user of any legal or regulatory procedure in relation to the agreement. Participation in the contests: with registration on the site, the User will have the opportunity to participate in the contests and/or promotional initiatives published on the site.

Comments with content are expressly forbidden: a. offended the institutions or religion of any faith. Comments must be avoided in a sarcastic, sbeffeggiatoria, sacrilega e denigratoria. B. racism and any apology of the inferiority or superiority of a race, people or culture with respect to others.

D. pornographic material and links to sites prohibited to under 18 years old and. Messages that contain ideas or statements clearly related to political ideologies are not allowed. F. content contrary to imperative norms to public order and good costume.

G. commercial messages and profit activities such as betting, competitions, auctions, economic transactions. Rcs mediagroup. S.p.A. also reserves the right to disclose the data of the author of a message in his possession in the event of a request by the competent authorities.

This Regulation may be amended at any time and without notice, so you must consult it periodically to verify the presence of any updates. Any liability of the company against the user regarding changes in the terms and conditions of use and/or use of the services is excluded. Rcs mediagroup.

Rcs mediagroup. Rules of netiquette rcs mediagroup. The user is invited to always verify what he sends and to ensure that both the envoy is in accordance with the rules of the ugc services.

The user is invited to write a clear message and with an appropriate title. Users are invited not to take long barrels and responses with other users, especially if they are personal issues with other users. The user is invited not to write in uppercase where not necessary (mean that you are screaming).

The user is invited not to hate too long titles, they only create confusion. The user who sends a contribution exclusively to another user always remember that the services of the site are public and that therefore the submitted contribution will be read by everyone. Rcs mediagroup.

S.p.A. invites other users to respect, especially those who have different ideas from those who write. Moderation and access to rcs mediagroup services. S.p.A. reserves the right to moderate user content in all their elements before publication.

In detail, may be subject to moderation: personal profile: nick name – Description/Frase comments: title – content the moderation activity will be carried out through an administrator and moderators. The user agrees that the administrator and moderators of the services have the right to their operation in an unquestionable manner and if they consider it necessary. The administrator and moderators will do everything possible to remove the challengeable material as quickly as possible, trusting in the collaboration of users.

Acceptance/Refuse/Deleting Content. Only content that is suitable for the editorial line of the site will be accepted. The contents will be refused not in line with the guidelines set out within the regulation.

The moderators’ work can only be judged by the administrator, it is however allowed to ask for explanations, but not using the public space of the site services. Any disputes must be made by e-mail to be addressed to the following address [email protected] Will be immediately closed comment or contribution having as object argumentation arguments in polemical key.

Users are however invited to notify the administration of such messages by writing to [email protected] Transfer of rights to the content transmitted by the user to rcs mediagroup S.p.A. in a definitive and free way, the ownership of all rights of economic and commercial exploitation related to the content transmitted, for Italy and for the whole world. Or invented in the future through which internet sites can be seen, using any communication protocol and/or audio compression format and/or video currently known (mp3, podcast, wma, mpeg, avi, jpeg etc).

Or of future invention and for any currently known use mode (such as stream, downloading, video on demand, podcast etc). Rcs mediagroup S.p.A has the right to make or replace any content transmitted, to transform, to make the same cuts, changes and/or additions, to insert or replace a spoken comment and/or sound column and/or to use extracts. Limitation of the guarantees of rcs mediagroup S.p.A rcs mediagroup S.p.A. does not provide any kind of warranty regarding the fact that the ugc services correspond to your own requirements and/or expectations.

You acknowledge that access to the site’s services, preservation, publication and dissemination of the content you send is made at your own sole risk. The user is and will be, moreover, unique and direct responsible for maintaining and saving data and information contained in the services ugc. 13 of the code as set forth in this contract.

With the view of the information referred to in art. For all disputes arising in relation to the performance or interpretation of this Agreement shall be the sole jurisdiction of the Milan forum. To perfect this agreement you also need to click on the link I accept