Giulia salemi: “pierpaolo pretelli is my boyfriend and best friend” – exclusive

Giulia salemi:

The influencer, at the debut on TV as a conductor, defends his naufraga of the heart: “They want it out because it’s an outsider,” he says in an exclusive interview today. And on his sweet half adds…Giulia climbs me, 28 years old, lives a happy season of loves. Is a successful influencer.

It is approached on the small screen with the first program all its, name included, since it is initiates the living room salt me. And found a stable relationship with pierpaolo pretelli, 30, known to the great brother. As giulia tells exclusively to the weekly today there is a “but” as big as a mother to encrypt the idyllic picture.

His mother is the Iranian Fariba Tehrani, 58, burrascosa naufraga, for weeks at the center of timely interpersonal relationships to the island of famous (special). “The truth is that there is a pack unleashed against mom,” says the influencer to today. Watch his sweet life – private photos | private videoWhen he kissed the clumsy fathers and remembered the mountain: his loves are always born to the great brother Vip… – lookThe reality expert is the Salemi, who has participated twice to the great brother.

You want to tell us what’s going on? “I am a recurrence, it is true! I do not criticize these programs.

However, there is a risk that they take out the worst side of people. Giulia salemi half naked parade on the red carpet with dyane mello: they are breathtaking! – lookis what is happening on the island?

“Exact, and my mother pays for it.” By the way it would be a comedian. He’s suffering the drop in sugar, obviously.

Because of her, she went to the nomination and risked her ocire. Actually, my mother lies with her. As when they accused her of taking food from the shipwrecks.

And then it turned out that it was a slander”. When giulia climbed up and francesco mountain loved (hidden) to gfvip – read | foto | videoAnd finally? I remember him as an irregular and inconclusive footballer.

«He took the picture of Mom and cleaned the whistle. Tommaso zorzi zittito da gilles rocca, ignazio moser seduces all, elisa isoardi is a mermaid… the pagelles on the island of the famous – lookI think churchill is turning into the grave. I’ll explain better: why are they all against Tehrani?

“He understood it well dayane mello, which was the first guest in my living room. And defended my mother. You’re Brazilian, you know what it’s like to be out of the box.

The problem is that those who do not homologize, those who do not fall within certain parameters are considered an outsider. I know things have changed better. But certain dynamics of exclusion are hard to die”.

Your mother, no less, will she have any defects? “Of course, he speaks too much, he is heavy! His countless followers expect from one moment to another to land on the island, to defend it better.

Beatrice marchetti on the island of the famous is dressed only of leaves… what a crash! – lookI must recognize that he has been well beaten by the study. Zorzi… is good…».

“With tommaso we are trying to clarify, after the clashes of the gf. Is not yet ok. his sister gaia will be guest in the sixth and final episode of my program on mediaset play. I seek harmony and I am a curious type.

I like to change my mind and on tommaso maybe I will succeed…». Seems more peaceful than Tehrani. My dream is to become a television host.

You have to fly high. I wrote it to Mom”. Does pretelli play an active role in this zen phase?

«Pierpaolo is not only a boyfriend: He’s my best friend. We found a fantastic balance. The idea that opposites are attracted is a metropolitan legend.