Gregorian elixabetta and coletti stefano are engaged! Three indices (plus one) make a test

Gregorian elixabetta and coletti stefano are engaged! Three indices (plus one) make a test

Better, try not to show up too much together…. but when they do, they leave no doubtGregorian elixabetta and coletti stefano are engaged. Or better, he revealed all the same coletti. By publishing three images that leave space to a few doubts.

And, as agatha christie said, three clues make a test. More than those images were removed from the stories of stefano. But the patatrac is made… – photo | videoGregorian elixabetta, mara venier the punzecchia on flavio briatore and she… reply so – read | foto | videothey go out in the open – gregoraic elixabetta and stefano coletti, therefore, come out in the open.

And confirm the rumors that, since the times of the great brother vip, they wanted them engaged. A story that he passionately had forced Gregorian elizabeth to reveal the existence of a post separation contract with flavio briatore. Gregorian elixabetta comes back with vip briatore for the feast (from vip) of her son nathan falco – lookelixabetta gregoraci and the kiss stefano coletti click the photo to enlarge itthe three clues – and so, here are the clues that reveal the relationship between Gregorian elixabetta and coletti stefano.

In the first, elixabetta and stefano are neighbors, with admiccant looks and so much of red heart. And in the third image, here is Gregorian elixabetta near the super luxury stefano coletti machine: you can recognize it from the custom plate, with the initial name of the showgirl and her date of birth. Gregorian elixabetta and the cannon of mino magli: “I thought I had a castle, it was just a multi-property” – exclusivethe words of coletti – not enough, here comes the words of stefano coletti to confirm everything.

Words that are the answer to those who challenged Gregorian Elizabeth to have lied about this love story while she was in the house of gfvip (look.) Only that the words of Coletti… confirm that love is true! We started dating in the last two months, so it’s not a liar as you are insinuating.” words then removed from instagram, but intercepted by fans and confirming that, then, Gregorian elixabetta and stefano coletti are really together…Gregorian elixabetta, will no longer be a single summer!