Grégory Cuilleron (Top Chef), his disability : “When I dream, I have two hands”

Grégory Cuilleron is presented for the first time in the eyes of the public in 2008, during the launch of A dinner almost perfect. A first edition that he had then won with flying colors. Two years later, found in the casting for season 1 of Top Chef. Disabled of one arm since birth, he had been impressed by his talent and his ability to always exceed. If he has not won the culinary competition M6, it has been able to develop a certain notoriety, which allowed him to open his own restaurants.

On Monday, 1 June 2020, with the now-famous chef was invited to talk about his condition with Faustine Bollaert in It starts today. The coordinator in particular wanted to know if Gregory had brought a different view of this handicap, seeing it pass to the tv. “It’s a little weird to see on tv all the short ! I have the consciousness of being disabled but I don’t feel it. Already because it is birth and then there was one thing weird is thatit seems to me that when I dream of me, I have two hands. Then, however, it is not an amputation, I was born like that, it is a it is a agenesis.” The chef, 39-year-old then explained that he rather had to struggle to hear his voice on the screen more than anything else. “To see Me with an arm the less, no, I knew it so it’s like look at myself in the mirror.”

It must be said that Grégory Cuilleron grew up in full knowledge of the facts and without any taboo, thanks to a loving family, and determined to help her achieve all her dreams. “I was high as if there was no difference but while taking into account my difference. This is to say that we were not at home in the denial of my disability, there were no problems on that side. My friends, my family gave me a hand when I needed but I chewed it not work for so many”, he says.

Growing up, he has even found THE manual trade par excellence. “It’s almost ironic”, also believes Faustine Bollaert who sees it as a personal revenge. “I always told myself that there was nothing that I could not do it, but I did not go looking for this activity to prove to myself something“. Moreover, in its view, the kitchen is more akin to art : “I’ve done it to be able to express myself, it is a bit of creating in the kitchen, and then also to share with people. It was not that my arm is a hindrance, but this is not in denial of my arm as I went to do this activity.”

Still that passion for the stoves is triggered very early. At the age of 8 years, Gregory was engaged to her first culinary competition, in the Scouts ! Even if the level was not at the height of his talent today, he has a very good memory. “We had to make a half hard-boiled egg chopped, half a tomato, dots of mayonnaise in a tube, and after we had made the coasts of lamb with peas-in-a-box,” he remembers in detail. “It was not at the top of the gastronomy” jokes then the moderator. A spirit of competition already well pronounced, which has led him years later to participate in the programs that we know well, A dinner almost perfect and Top Chef.