Greta scarano, the interview with the queen of fiction – exclusive

Greta scarano, the interview with the queen of fiction - exclusive

34 years old, she is the actress of the moment: queen of fiction and not only. In the most beloved TV series of Italy has lost its head to the character of gypsy luca, making the viewers rise. In the sky TV movie on the pupone plays ilary blasi.

And here, exclusively for today, we tell…34, is the actress of the moment. She is the woman whose commissioner is in love with, in the last episode of the fiction taken from the yellows of andrea camilleri, and she plays ilary blasi in the TV movie on francesco totti hoped that I died before. To the weekly today is told exclusively – private photos | private videoHe speaks fluster, policeman on TV: “I’m sexy and authoritative, but my luca husband Zingaretti… is inadmissible!” – exclusiveWhy did he do it?

The country has only one concern, but go aside. Montalbano left, on the phone for more, the eternal girlfriend, livia. And it’s all his fault.

We don’t talk about anything else. We are in full pandemic, I think Italians have more substantial concerns. I add: are we sure this is the last episode of fiction?

And yet we are not talking about a real fact, you know,». Raw scarane has 34 years of blond talent mixed to tender disincanto. Has already won a silver ribbon and has always sailed lightly from the big screen to important series.

Until she was touched, pardon, of course, to play a role that divided the nation into two. I see only the party of those who accuse me of having misled gypsies, but what I say, Montalbano!». Gypsy luca, with emma and white daughters: the training is very sweet with its girls – exclusiveActually… “Let me say that there is malelism around.

I understand that March 8 is now past. We celebrated it and we can safely store it. “All to say that my character, antony, seduced the commissioner and upset his life.

But is there someone who saw it from another angle? «I had no intention of starting a love story with Montalbano». Gypsy lucas and hesi ranieri, the wedding anniversary is super romantic – lookwhen he says “I,” he means antonia?

That cradled completely different human and professional projects. Instead it is above all her that distorts her life. Because he falls in love with the commissioner.

“If you climb and lidia have never married, one reason will be there. Did you feel the melancholy of the end word? He taught me so much to work with gypsies, who was also director, in this episode.

Luca was so busy and he directed me with extraordinary mastery. In every scene, there are always at least a couple of “not said”. Are the subtexts of the looks, which must mean something else and different, even if you simply say: “Do you bring me a coffee?”ilary blasi and francesco totti, confessions of love: “The secret of our happiness?

The dialogue, the children and… the two of us” – lookAll very beautiful, would have chiosato bruno pizzul. About football: She is also the wife of totti, in the series on the Giallorossi captain, on sky. I am ilary Blasi».

«Ilary is a very good woman. He has a career, very well started, I would say. He never accepted the role of the consort princess.

We grew up in the same district of roma. And we met for the series. I asked her for advice and confirmation when we were shooting.

Isabel totti, birthday to all love: the youngest daughter of francesco and ilary blasi is 5 years… sweet! “Everything so much went with Ilary. His partner, a holy castle, is an avid Romanist.

Did you feel the responsibility of interpreting such a beloved character? “Peter kept his poster in his room and still has it, I suppose. Managed to experience this adventure with a pinch of healthy unconsciousness.