Guenda goria e mirko gancitano, l’amore erupto così… foto e video

Guenda goria e mirko gancitano, l'amore erupto così... foto e video

The daughter of the teresa ruta and amedeo goria reveals “love all of a sudden”. And are already ready to land on tv with their raconti…Guenda gori and myrko gancitano kiss with romanticism and transport. The daughter of rough teresa maria and amedeo goria and the very gymnastic photographer, video maker and producer come out so in the open.

In egitto, for accuracy – photo | videoguenda goria and father amedeo, the double interview on the quarrels – exclusivethe first kiss – guenda gori does not hesitate to show the first kiss with myrko gancitano. A kiss resumed as only a professional of the videos can do and with the less equivocal comment of the world: “Love suddenly.” and myrko professional video is. 29 Sicilian age gymnasium of mazara del vallo (province of trapani,) defines itself as actor, photographer, video maker and producer.

While the 32-year-old daughter of rough teresa maria and amedeo goria has only eyes to heart for him…guenda goria, lunch with father amedeo ends with the umpteenth blur… – exclusivegaleotto was L’EGITTO – guenda goria and mirko gancitano met about a month ago in egitto. We didn’t look for each other or maybe it’s the moon that brought us together.” And guenda goria answered: “My love”.

How much sugar…Guenda goria: “I tell you my difficult childhood” – read | foto | videoboth on TV – if guenda goria, after the big brother vip (look,) is now more and more often on TV especially guest of barbarian D’Urso and company, myrko gancitano studied acting and made a appearance in the film the best years of gabriele muccino. After he also passed on TV to the proof of the cook as sent in 2017, up to top – everything makes trend and top summer. I mean, they’re really ready to tell their love in front of the cameras.