Guillaume canet and marion cotillard gathered in “asterior and obelis”: their son marcel of the party!

Guillaume canet and marion cotillard gathered in

Not only does guillaume canet carry the filmmaker’s cap and co-writer, but it also has a role of choice: that of asterisks, “the little energetic nervous”. “At first, I was planning to make a caesar, it was more practical as a director not to have a too important role, the 48-year-old actor explained. And then I figured that with marion [cotillard, his partner] in a cleopatra, it would make us think of our rock’n roll couple [film released in 2017].

We did well: when you look at vincent [cassel] his traits, his prestance, it is obvious that he is Caesar!” Not only does guillaume canet share this new film with his companion, for now 13 years, but their marcel son (10 years old) could well make “a small appearance on the screen” if we believe our fellow-members. Will the little praise (4 years) also have the right to play in the superproduction of a father?

She and her brother, so cotillard and canet guillaume, will have to have an eye to recognize her. Today, my son reads and appreciates them.” A very personal project therefore, for which canet guillaume gathered a five-star casting, revealed to the public on April 8: her buddies lellouche in obelis, richard stone in panoramix, audrey lamy in capmine, angèle in falbala, but also jonathan cohen, ramzy bedia, josé garcia, manu payet, zlatan.