Harvey weinstein in prison: he appeals and denounces a “judicial error”

Harvey weinstein in prison: he appeals and denounces a

Harvey weinstein has just appealed to his conviction for rape and sexual assault. Sentenced to twenty-three years in prison and incarcerated in the high-security wende correctional facility, near Buffalo, the American producer became the face of the sexual aggressor, with a hundred victims who came to testify during his trial. Harvey weinstein could now resume his walker and prepare to rehearse their precious testimonies in a possible second appeal trial.

A court now has the opportunity to correct this legal error”, mentions boldly the press release of the producer’s lawyers. In a 166-page appeal, the defence deplores the fact that women had testified at trial, while the facts advanced were prohibited or unsubstantiated, according to the Harvey weinstein lawyers. The defense also points to the juror no.11, which wrote a news about an elderly predator and his relationship with younger women.

Despite his attempt to appeal, harvey weinstein cannot escape justice. The boss of the weinstein compagny is targeted by new charges carried by a court of los angeles for sexual assaults.