Harvey Weinstein : millions of dollars for his victims… but not all

This is a new victory for the victims of Harvey Weinstein. After attending his fall in front of the jury in New York last February, women harassed and/or assaulted by a producer when they were working for his production company should be able to benefit from compensation. In particular, those in which it had “destroyed career”. A fund with $ 19 million – about 17 million – will be unlocked after an agreement that will put an end to two lawsuits. That’s missing is the validation of two people : the bankruptcy judge overseeing the liquidation of the Weinstein Company and a federal judge in new york city.

“After all the harassment, threats, discrimination, justice will finally be rendered to these victims,” says the attorney Letitia James. Every woman concerned would be able to get between 7500 and 750 000 dollars. And yet, this solution is not ideal for everyone. If the agreement is accepted, it will put an end to an action under the collective name brought to civil justice, federal anti-Harvey Weinstein. Douglas Wigdor and Kevin Mintzer, who represents six alleged victims of the ex-producer hollywood, denounce even the “profound injustice” of such an act.

Harvey Weinstein is currently serving a sentence of 23 years in prison, convicted of acts the more sordid. If the agreement concerning the former employees of the Weinstein Company is certified, the producer shall be relieved of any responsibility for his other actions. As for the victims who would like to continue in spite of all the insurance companies of the producer and his company, they are able to do more, since they will be released from any obligation under the agreement. Accused of sexual assault and harassment by a hundred women, the producer of 68 years has not yet been found guilty of rape and sexual assault. It will therefore think twice before you crack the champagne…