Hélène Ségara victim of her husband? This rumour, which did not at all laugh

Not easy to stay locked throughout the containment. And even less when you find yourself the target of the wildest rumours ! This poor Hélène Ségara, for example, had been a joy to appear with his little comrades of the issuance France has an incredible talent for review of twenty-five, the most significant moments of the show. But now her hair has run the worst noise of the hallway. An eye hidden behind a long lock of corrugated was sufficient. “After the broadcast of 18 may, I have read everything on the networks : of the donut that my guy I would have bet during the containment of the fact that I was going blind, she told Tv Star. I didn’t always laugh, I posted a retraction.”

On several occasions, Hélène Ségara spoke of this evil that gnaws at him, this auto-immune disease that makes him lose a part of the vision of the right eye. It is known that it undergoes a heavy cortisone treatment and that it must, among other things, receive regular implants in the eye. When the pandemic coronavirus has begun to strike in our borders, the singer was just in the hospital for an operation. “Not only was I able to see the lack of resources for caregivers, but it is that 20% of my fans are nurses, just like one of my best friends, and two cousins, she said. Without forgetting those who look after me for the past seven years, who became very important in my life.”

This is why she has organized a vacuum-dressing. In order to provide its support to the Foundation of the hospitals of France. But the containment of Hélène Ségara has also been devoted to the item The interpreter You never forget anything you live with is about to celebrate his 25-year career on stage and going to release a new album – the thirteenth, if we count the live and the best of. A first extract, called the Most ever, will be released on June 24, 2020. Next to tv, she will soon find his band mates on the M6. In the meantime a new season of France has an incredible talent, the jury, composed of Hélène Ségara, Marianne James, Sugar Sammy and Eric Antoine will be fighting way The Voice by selecting alumni candidates in a sort of battle improvised. On his team, let’s hope that the singer has opened the eye, and the good.

Find the full interview of Hélène Ségara in the magazine Télé Star n° 2282 of 22 June 2020.