Help, crocs are back: because rubber shoes had a new sales boom

Help, crocs are back: because rubber shoes had a new sales boom

This seems to be the fate of crocs, the rubber hoofs as comfortable as ugly. Embossed and ungrateful, crocs were in the fashion world as kryptonite stands in superman: never, never, ever, ever. Apologized only to the nurses, doctors, those who work for so many hours standing and therefore need a comfortable shoe.

Today instead they wear fedez, justin bieber and arian big and they arrived even on the red carpet of the night of the Oscars. At that point they made the big jump: they were also unleashed as a shoe “to dare”, with high horror of critics and elegant skies. Then, like all things, even crocs have passed out of fashion (some swears that they had never been, but anyway).

There were high-profile sightings, such as the whale-signed model, but the big boom was over. The worst seemed behind us, until the world was overturned by a global pandemic that confined us all to the house for months. And what do you wear when you spend all the time on the couch and you have to slip your shoes on the fly just to throw the trash?

Of course, the crocs. Now that the restrictions for covid have loosened in many countries, the alibi of the pandemic no longer holds: how come these rubber shoes are still on the crest of the wave? Justin bieber has created a lilac color pattern decorated with bears: according to the stockx website are the most requested by Italians.

The crocs fever has infected everyone: we have seen them on top of stars as a big arian and nicki minaj (in the custom version with chanel pendants). Even clear Ferragni has yielded (but only for the time of an instagram story) and a few days before the birth it showed in pajamas and crocs.