Hits of the 2021? No effect Covid-19, are the same as those of 2020,

Only a few months ago, while the whole Country was in lockdown, and we wondered how the music could start, one of the questions was also as it was the summer of record. The summer months, in fact, are those of the smash, the song’s by the beach, carefree, often latineggiante, with some specific characteristics in the texts and some of the protagonists in each year from some time you were playing the crown, the hit of the summer. More or less always the same, as confirmed also this year, with radio and playlist invaded by the well-known names and the sounds to which our ears have become accustomed to it.

The desire of normality

The desire of normality has taken over, at least in this segment and with the end of the lockdown and the ability to return on the beaches, with all the rules that we know, is also back the desire songs from the sound of Latin, reggae and reggaeton, with splashes of urban), with texts that speak of the sea, the sun, the wind, sip a cocktail on the beach, with a few reference the not-too-veiled to travel, something less exotic Rome-Bangkok since the borders are still closed, but still songs to sing along to while you are in the car, in the heat, with the windows open and the sea in the distance.

Takagi, Ketra, Lamborghini, Ferreri, there are all

In short, the catchphrase of the 2021 virtually follows in a literal one of 202o, and everything that had been before thought of the Covid-19 was able to reuse, with some minor modifications. The texts, indeed, are all fairly standard, with some songs to refer to the period of isolation and the desire to riabbracciarsi and riassembrarsi. Are back Takagi and Ketra, which in a way, and in the other are behind some of the songs are a candidate to win of the summer, with “Cyclone” are returned Elettra Lamborghini and Giusy Ferreri with The Isla, the Boomdabash, and Alessandra Amoroso Karaoke, Baby K, with a cameo by Chiara Ferragni for “Not enough for me,” but also Elodie with Guarana (and with T&K) and Irama. In short, everything changes so that nothing changes, in expectation of the last shots of the queue, that there will be and who knows if it will change something.