I’m going to look forward to: “Right to oate hospital data to decide the color of the Regions”

I'm going to look forward to: “Right to oate hospital data to decide the color of the Regions”

With the new decree fixing the roadmap of the reopenings and loose to then overcome the curfew, also change the criteria that determine the risk bands of the regions. The parameters will no longer be twenty-one but a dozen, and also the rt transmission index (which so far has been mirrored the trend of the new symptomatic cases) will have less weight. Why change the criteria?

And what are the risks of this change? We talked about it with pregliasco fabrizio, virologist of the department of biomedical sciences for health of the University of Milan studies and member of the scientific technical committee of the region lombardia. What elements have led to this evolution of strategy?

There is always the risk of a coup of the virus, and the Indian variant worries us as in other states, especially in the united kingdom. We must therefore proceed with common sense and systematicity to ensure that there is a safe recovery. Why is it decided now to change the parameters?

Why not take account of the total active cases? A certain rise I believe that unfortunately we will also have to take it… However, there are still 2 million unvaccinated over 70. changing now is not a risk?

We could have expected even more, but we know what the overall costs of choices, feasibility and their estate are. By now also a curfew at ten in the evening does not have a real applicability: or we put the army around the streets or couldn’t. It is not easy to say, because there is no “manual” of the precise places.

Certainly, the more movement there is, the more risk increases, so also activities such as shops and catering are a risk for the whole movement that follows. Can we say for example the activities of the movida? Yes, even if the outdoor movida is probably not so heavy, it definitely affects.

What is the timetable for the abolition of curfew? I would say yes, even if I might have been more careful. But I realize the difficulty of the matter and its acceptance.

And therefore just give a progression that makes real accession possible.