I maneskin a GosGossy.com: “It’s people’s victory. The drug? What a stupid polemic”

I maneskin a GosGossy.com: “It’s people’s victory. The drug? What a stupid polemic”

They slept an hour, more or less, and after the Eurovision 2021 victory the maneskin are in the promoter. The maneskin, now know also the stones, have won the event, reporting the title in Italy to 30 years from the victory of cutugno toto. Were transported to the top especially by the public and the televote that overturned the ranking of national juries that had pushed them however up to the fourth place.

Hey, guys, how’s it going, you slept? We slept an hour, but in short, we are still standing, tired but happy. At the end, as we said the other day was the audience from abroad to give you the final sprint.

What does this victory mean? As it happened to sanremo, once again this was a victory of the people, of the people, who managed to overcome the votes of the juries. We knew that that vote could be borderline, indeed, already the fact of being always between the fourth and fifth position was too much.

You want to know the truth? Have you seen the French and the Swiss after the victory and the conference? In photos: damiano and thomas of maneskin (getty images)At a certain point, Mr Ferranti intervened to invite you to vote.

We, however, thank you individually, one by one, all the people who voted for us. Damian, do you explain what happened when you were framed and that video that triggered huge controversy? What’s going on tomorrow?

We don’t know yet. We are definitely working so hard for the record, now we will gather to write it and then we hope to make a project for abroad, surely. We’ll try to find a way to make a lot of concerts, which was the most we wanted to do.

We really served so much to have such feedback because, even after we will, it was nice to see the people who enjoyed our music so much. Bringing this kind, which is not very in vogue, in a foreign context, makes us super proud for the next projects.