I maneskin al Eurovision 2021: “Felici not to represent the musical stereotype of Italy”

I maneskin al Eurovision 2021: “Felici not to represent the musical stereotype of Italy”

The maneskin are played on Saturday, May 22nd the Eurovision 2021, which will be held at the ahoy arena of vierdam. The Italian band, besides being the most listened globally on spotify is given among the favorite, but damian, victoria, thomas and ethan do not think about it. The band has already climbed on the Dutch stage for the tests and presenting during the first semi-final, “zitti and vouchers,” in European version.

A performance that is expected energetic, which has already impressed the international audience and that could bring back the title in Italy to 31 years from the last victory. And I have noticed that in many people are surprised to see from Italy a rock band, perhaps accustomed to the stereotype of beautiful song. It makes us a lot of pleasure, it is nice to represent Italy also not representing the typical stereotype of what must be Italian music, but to show that there is also other.

I like that they damian at some point approach each one of you almost as if he brought the audience by the hand of knowing you. This is something we care about, erase the stereotype of the band with three beautiful figurines and the singer in front does not do for us and we do not like it. Also because in order to have a good balance, in a group, it is important that everyone put their own signature.

Italy, in recent years, has always been among the first and also this year you are favored. Will also depend on foreign fans: in these weeks what are the countries from which you have had more feedback? The danimarca, finlandia, we were second in the Greek spotify classification, well also Estonia, lyuania and Latvian.

This gives you an internationality that can also be a boost for the next few months. This is exactly what our goal of Eurovision is. And from Italy have you come greetings?

Fedez, the fearful laura and for now it is enough apart from our families. Damian, you chose to break the internet with the photo with your partner a few days from the eurovision.