Ignazio Moser denies courting the 40-year-old: here’s what went down really

The number in newspaper stand Today, we have written an alleged fleeting courtship by Ignazio Moser, happily engaged with Cecilia Rodriguez, against a mysterious lady in lombardy which took place a few weeks ago in a restaurant in milan and finished with the two of spades gave to the young man with the handsome lady

Cecilia Rodriguez super sexy. And Ignazio Moser’t resist…

THE DENIAL – Ignazio Moser, however, denies categorically the existence of the incident. That which is true and, instead, is that Moser is said to more and more in love with Cecilia Rodriguez who was and always will be faithful, and that very soon crowned their love with a yes.

Cecilia Rodriguez shopping with Ignazio Moser is… in the leg!

AH, you KNOW… – That the two of spades instead has been taken from the mysterious forty-year-old, who friends for revenge he told us exactly the opposite? Ah, never know…

Cecilia Rodriguez, the B-side (and not only…) is to scream!

Alberto Dandolo