Ilary Blasi is (almost) unrecognizable. And also the fans are unleashed: “you’re exaggerating!”

Ilary Blasi ends up once again) in the eye of the cyclone of the haters. The guilt of the wife of Francesco Totti? That look (almost) unrecognizable, if you compare her pictures today to those at the start of his career. To the point that many make note that I have exaggerated in the employ of the aiutini… That, however, because of its beauty, would not have even been necessary. And, in fact, a closer look, Ilary Blasi has changed a lot over the years! YESTERDAY AND TODAY

Ilary Blasi parading like a diva with the daughters Chanel and Isabel… but not if the row no one!

FROM the BANTER TO the ALLEGATIONS in the MOST HEAVY – Ilary Blasi, on the other hand, has never hidden. It is always shown for what it is: beautiful. And has also demonstrated the ability to grow professionally, because “simple” letters of word-of-Mouth came to the management of the most important programs Mediaset (Hyenas and Big Brother included). But for some time now fans have noticed significant changes, especially in the faces and in the expression of Ilary. And if some of you are limited to a few banter, others are gone down heavy: there are even those who compare the wife of Francesco Totti to a blade…

Ilary Blasi and the wild parking in the centre of Rome: super fool!

THE BEST RESPONSE IS SILENCE – Ilary Blasi, thus, was inundated with comments. Especially on the last pictures published on its social. “You’re just ruined, too much plastic!”, commented one of the hater the most avid. “You’re more beautiful soap and water, Ilary”, suggests another fan. “How beautiful once, it looked like Ornella Muti! Sin has ruined so young, he had no need,” continues another. Not to mention the comments well heavy. And you? In response, Ilary Blasi chooses silence: replicate agi haters serial is useless. More so if you are Ilary Blasi, happy mom, bride, professional tv. And even more if you t like you as you are. All the rest of it… it’s boredom.

Ilary Blasi has been years in quarantine… but what a party!