Ilary blasi, the interview: Totti, the children, the TV.

Ilary blasi, the interview: Totti, the children, the TV.

The conductor makes a first budget of his life (daughter). With that hint of irony that flows (often and willingly) into cynicism…ilary blasi is at the lane of 40 years (it makes them on April 28). Also in the family, not only on tv – photo | videoilary blasi and francesco totti: “This is the secret of our happiness” – read | foto | video“Years fly and the fourth FIGLIO…” – ilary blasi begins with a hint of nostalgia.

Until recently, no, but for two years, I think about it, you notice when your children grow up. Today they are adolescents and do the things that until ten years ago I was also doing. Every birthday throws you into reality,” he says without means in the interview with republic.

Who also asks for desire, so often expressed in the past to have the fourth son: do you really want it? “Fifty and fifty”, ilary blasi responds with his usual frankness. “On one side yes: It is so beautiful the scent of small children, you have an energy that makes you feel younger.

On the other hand I say that we have made a family, the big children, chanel and cristian, no longer row us, they have their friends. We enjoy the little girl, isabel, and I give myself to work that is important to me. Doing another child means starting over again, a little frightens me and a little is fighting, but I like pregnancy.

Ilary blasi and francesco totti with children: they defeated even covid – exclusive“In tv I am myself: BURINA…” – ilary blasi also responds to the criticisms of those who observe that perhaps it is not exactly the ideal conductor of the Island of the famous. In the end, unlike other “realistic experts”, it did not prevent the elimination of the stronger (on paper) protagonists. I can be myself and I feel comfortable,” explains blasi to republic.

I can be shit, some stuff from the Burinos-Rafinados teams makes me laugh. I have a passion for valentine persia, it will be that it is Roman, then I love true gem: it is free. On the island at the end are all a little burinos and a little rafinados.

I am of the tribe burinos, proudly.”ilary blasi marked narrow by francesco totti: discover why… – exclusive“FRANCESCO mi GUARDA… e si IMPALLA” – ilary blasi also speaks of his great love for francesco totti. Replaced… in his own way: “He looks at me like the first times and… he’s packing. I’m very happy to be cynical, I’m also like that.

I, with my face of angel, am terrible.” and they are together, well, for 20 years: what is the secret? “We are the same for certain things, different for others, but there is a project. I don’t know if there’s a formula, if it’s been lucky, I’m lucky enough to find us.

I know that with Franciscan there is the desire to build and move forward together.”ilary blasi and that sweet secret that you can no longer (or almost) hide – exclusive“My children are lucky: I would like to have MORE FAME” – ilary blasi, finally, tells republic of the relationship with his children. Maybe you realize – I have the chance to do the job I wanted to do – but keep questioning. I would never change my childhood with my children.

Even if I never had my own room, I slept with my sisters, and if I was doing the holidays a little like this. But I wouldn’t change those years, because I feel like I’ve had everything. I wish my children.”ilary blasi, francesco totti and that escape to two super romantic… – exclusiveToday ©Reserved PRODUCTION