“I’m not a terrorist”, the singer Rokia Traoré flees in Mali after the arrest in France

“I’m not a terrorist,” writes Rokia Traoré on his page Instagram. The singer of the franco-malian is at the center of a judicial investigation by a few weeks that is seen in comparison with the ex-husband belgian on the custody of their daughter. The singer has spent a few day in jail in Paris following a european arrest warrant for kidnapping and hostage taking – issued by a belgian judge after the singer reported the child by the custodial parent (the father) and then later released with the obligation not to leave the territory. A few days ago, however, Rokia Traoré returned to Mali together with his daughter, with a private flight, in violation of the disposition of the judge. For this reason, he had wanted to write a public message stating his position.

The defense of Rokia Traoré

They are not a criminal whose location is impossible, I have never had problems with the law, ” wrote the singer. I am an artist that in 23 years of career has done nothing other than work, and develop an artistic and cultural project which has earned her the support of her Country of origin and variety of titles of international recognition, including two by the French State. They’re shocked – continuous Rokia Traoré – that can be used against me, a european arrest warrant (european initiative in the framework of the fight against terrorism) as a method of blackmail, taking hostage my international career to a thing that he had to find a solution from the judicial system in mali, since this was the security and the growth of a girl in town, the malian who lives in Mali”.

https://mailchi.mp/c0bfc3293261/rokia-traor-je-ne-suis-pas-une-terrorist #justice4rokiatraore #respect4africa JE NE SUIS PAS UNE TERRORIST Je ne suis pas une criminelle dont la localisation s avère impossible, je n ai jamais eu de problème avec la justice. Je suis une femme artists here, en 23 ans de carrière, n’a fait que travailler, développer a projet artistique et culturel lui ayant valu le soutien de son pays d’origine et plusieurs titres et reconnaissances internationaux dont les deux décorations de l’etat français. Je suis choquée que puisse être utilisé ainsi contre moi le mandat d’arrêt européen (initiative européenne dans le cadre de la lutte contre le terrorisme international) comme méthode de chantage prenant en otage ma carrière internationale dans une affaire here would still not signed his dû trouver une solution par le système judiciaire malien, car s agissant de la sécurité et épanouissement d’une enfant same publisher that brought malienne vivant au Mali. I AM NOT A TERRORIST I am not a criminal difficult to trace, I have never had a problem with the justice system. I am a woman artist who, in 23 years of career, has done nothing but work, develop an artistic and cultural project having earned her the support of her country of origin and several titles and international recognitions including two decorations from the French state. I am shocked that the European arrest warrants (European initiative in the framework of the fight against international terrorism) can be used against me as blackmail upon my international career in a case which should have found a solution by the Malian legal system, since it is about the security and well-being of a Malian citizen child living in Mali.

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Because she had been arrested in France

The singer, who was arrested on march 10, as soon as you set foot in France, is at war with judicial with her husband in the past few months a judge had given custody of her daughter, but at the same time a judge of mali had granted the custody to her, creating a contrast of the legal which the singer has preferred to quit flying in his Country, in a regular manner, according to the French Police. “We speak of a mother in a desperate situation that he is afraid that to be taken away from the daughter, that’s why she flew to mali, where he lives,” said his lawyer. The singer is one of the artists more famous in recent years, also known for his efforts on behalf of refugees and appointed, in 2016, a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees