In Cardiff more than 10 thousand people for the concert of the Stereophonics: “Thoughtless and irresponsible”

Have been stopped the most important championships in the world, stop the Formula 1, you are stopped by blocks and departments of all the most important Countries. The concert of the Stereophonics at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff but no. Despite all the recommendations to avoid mass gatherings to circulate the Coronavirus, the concert was held on the same, also in virtue of the fact that the public events are not all prohibited. . More than ten thousand people have taken to the streets attended the concert of the Stereophonics. A scene objectively, in contrast with the historical moment, which generates anger and frustration.

In that concert, there may have been potentially infections. For this, the followers on the social networks and do not spare criticisms to all the people involved, especially the band and the organizers: “it Is absolutely out of the head to perform with a pandemic in act”. And again: “people come before profits. The show had to be cancelled.” The Stereophonics have been accused of being irresponsible and thoughtless. There are those who mess with the title of their big hit: “Maybe Tomorrow we will meet again when it will be passed to the emergency”. Most of the comments consider this scene of the gathering frightening, and ridiculous, considering that the major Countries of Europe have declared – or are going to declare – the ‘lockdown’.

The emergency Coronavirus is also coming to Britain, and the british prime minister Boris Johnson’s not to say things as they really are: “we have Not yet arrived at the point of closing schools and suspending public events. But the emergency will last months and I want to be honest with you. Many other families will lose prematurely their loved ones.”

Cardiff in beautiful voice tonight! #stereophonics #kind2020tour

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