Incredible Talent, the Duo Now wounded: the reason for its impressive waterfall

Fright during the filming of the second episode of the Incredible Talent, the battle of the jury (M6), broadcast on Tuesday 30 June 2020. The public has found the Duo Now, a finalist of season 5, 2020. In order to shine on the plateau, Nicolas Besnard (42 years old) and Ludivine Furnon , have developed a number of impressive and took a lot of risks. Unfortunately, it turned against them.

At the beginning of the number, Nicholas has poorly received, his companion, and was thus injured. The fire department responded and the jury as well as the public were scared. A time on which the candidate is income from Tv Entertainment. For a start, it explained that the conditions were not ideal on the shelf : “I can not criticize the production, because I loved it. It has the habit, with Ludivine, always repeat our technical elements before going on stage. It’s been over fifteen years since we did this together, it is very important to us. But when we shot it, it was very cold and [the emissions have been turned in November 2019, ED]. And we decided not to do it, even if it was well heated individually in our lodge. When we arrived on the scene, it was pretty funny. There was a wait, we were nervous. The fault was mine.”

Nicolas blinded by a light

Nicolas explains that he wanted to push Ludivine stronger than usual at the first jump. And it happens that the beautiful brunette move back or ahead at that time. As a general rule, he has time to adjust to the recover. But a light is coming to ruin everything : “The moment I looked at her, I had a spot of light in eyes that have amazed me, and I have not seen that it had declined. Instead of the pickup in my arms, as we did every day, she landed on my neck. I was completely knocked out, it knocked me out instantly. I almost lost consciousness. We didn’t come.” The daddy of Lola and Loucas has therefore alerted the professionals in their field on the fact that nothing is granted and that the danger is always present. “I took a few minutes to regain my composure. I could not feel my limbs, with large, tingling in the arms and legs. But The show must go on”, he added.

Nicolas and Ludivine are in fact back on stage after that the beautiful blond was back to his old self. And protected Hélène Ségara have managed to qualify for the final against Ueksa (team Sugar Sammy). If they win the 100 000 euros, the young dad hopes to produce her show : “over The years, there is a little doubt that maybe he is going to have to go to the other side of the curtain. I’m going to have 42 years, I still continue a few years, but the body will not follow necessarily. These 100 000 euros help us to mount our own production.” This is what we want.