Inès (Koh-Lanta) not tender with a candidate : “For me, this is not possible”

Now that the last season of Koh-Lanta is behind us, the languages of the candidates are untied. And, in particular, that ofInès. The adventurous 26-year-well-tempered character has made it know during an interview for Gossip Room TV with his girlfriend Naoil, with whom she went on to the finals in the beginning of the month of June last. And while the reporter sought to know if the pretty nurse had met with some “hostility special”, Inès was apparently a long list.

“I’m confused with Moussa, with Claude, after that, it was going to… Ahmad…”, she recalls. But for its neighbour Naoil, the abdomen very rounded, and they are not those who were the most disgusted. “Why are you bluffes ?”, ask him does it, very fun, with very much an idea in your head. And reveal : “there is not someone who you gonflais well ? With Sara, you had a little trouble…

Recovered memory, Inès is then launched in confidences very cash on that retentait his luck as a hero in the adventure of A before unfortunately getting hurt and having to give up. “Oh ! With Sara, put***! This is not bad, but I took it out of my game, me, the coward does it without a detour. And continued with vivacity : “Oh, no, but it’s too much, it’s too much ! She cries all the time ! After the broadcast, it makes you laugh because you say to yourself, ‘I have kept my self-control for 5 days when she was with us’.”

This is too much !

Yet, Inès explains to have been initially pleased to see the arrival of Sara in her Yellow team, until she learns to know… “I said, ‘frankly, Sara, it doesn’t bother me, she wants it, she moves, it would not hurt’. But what bullshit ! What bullshit, I did not say ! I have nothing against it personally, but it is to be consumed with moderation. For me, this is not possible. It was the cry of the morning to the evening. (…) She never gets in pause ! It is too much, it’s too much, it’s too much, it is too much. You do not even know when she is upset or not because it is his way of being, it is a scream. Or then, it leaves tears.”

After the one who has made the buzz as soon as the first episodes with his shirt too high-cut, the character is deemed to be excessive of the sport for 45 years and he was not successful during its previous participations in Koh-Lanta. “I’m not a bad person, but after a while, if you look at the adventures of Sara, it was bad. Because she still has a personality… It is not easy to deal with.” For its part, Naoil, who left his girlfriend to share his or her point of view, has held up well to note that it was only “his perception of it”.