Inter: denials, extensions, and free agent. The post Covid according to Help

“It changed everything a bit, the way I work is changed. There are many phone calls, chat, chat, but now it is difficult to carry out negotiations. No one wants to be the village idiot, I have heard so many opinions, we are all waiting. And in the meantime, prices have remained those, just in case someone has them, rise compared to February.” The post covid explained, from the point of view of the Inter, from the its the ds, Piero Aid. That has confirmed the extensions of the contract, denied the negotiations, deleted names, expressed doubts, buried the dreams of many fans, praised the property and the youth sector, re-opened to those who had been exiled, and closed at the start of who is in Milan to write new stories important. The gospel according to Aid demolishes every wall erected by mistake, is square and clean of rumors and conjectures, drawing, and indeed shows a line for the corporate that in the end has never changed.

Only that it is now more prudent, more forward-looking, broader. Will look more in your own home, much less to the uncertainty. You will launch towards shots sure, is better if the parameter is zero. Will look under the cover of talented young people capable of strengthening the foundations of the club that you want to access, and then sink the roots in football played at the elite continental. No one until the end of the season will leave the team, Young has signed the extension of his contract for another year. Sanchez is still the master of his destiny, Lautaro is the present and the future, and likely will remain at Inter. Proud of itself, to such an extent that, today, change, even just slightly, hardly will agree with the commanders who are guiding it.