iPad Pro 2020 a little more powerful than the previous model

According to the platform of AnTuTu benchmark, the new iPad Pro 2020 is more faster than the previous model, but only for less than 1%. This result was rather obvious, because it doesn’t use the processor of the latest generation of Apple.

In the benchmark test on AnTuTu, the iPad Pro 2020 has achieved an overall score of 712.218 points, just a hair faster than iPad Pro 2018, reaching a score of 705.585 points.

iPad Pro 2020

This minimum difference is found in the fact that Apple has chosen not to adopt the processor A13 Bionic, this on iPhone, and 11, but has chosen a A12Z, a modified version of the A12X present in the iPad Pro 2018. No surprise, then, that the new model has approximately the same performance as the previous one, but don’t be scared by the numbers, because the new iPhone 11 Pro Max has received a rating of “only” 546.948 points on AnTuTu.

The main novelty of the new A12Z are in the graphics, in fact we find a graphics processor, 8-core, compared to the 7 core as its predecessor. This is the most significant difference between these chips, which is reflected in the score GPU benchmark test of Antutu, after the iPad Pro 2020 has marked 373.781 points, while the model 2018 has scored 345.016 points.