Iris Mittenaere : Unrecognizable, she spins out and insult a follower

But where is therefore passed the elegance and refinement unique to Miss France ? June 12, 2020,Iris Mittenaere is output from its hinges and even went so far as to copiously insult one of his followers on Instagram. Yet little accustomed to the outpourings of anger, Miss France 2016 has shown particular rebound following a private message to unscrupulous a follower. The user in question would have it criticized or, worse, insulted the woman ? Not at all. This subscriber would like to “spoiler” the young woman who was about to watch the season 4 of the series 13 Reasons why on Netflix.

Fuck the little hater m**

Piercing eyes and a fist ready for the fight (but also ready to make a delightful finger), Miss Universe 2016 wrote : “I wouldn’t do that gesture with my own hands because I do not want to show it here (even if I very much want to), but fuck the little hater m**me spoilée the series”. More thug than ever, the darling of Diego El Glaoui, has revealed his wild side, which has certainly not failed to amaze its users. For its part, Sylvie Tellier has not made any statements about the reaction of the Iris or about this shameful spoiler.

Wiser and seemingly calmed down, Iris appeared, then a second picture and smiling. She writes : “For the other I love you and this series is top-notch. I see that you are watching it also haha But well I will go anyway at the end !” All is well that ends well for Iris Mittenaere that account, therefore, continue the series in spite of this small mishap, which we hope, will waste not his time cocooning Netflix & Chill.