Is dead, Dave Greenfield, keyboard player of the Stranglers: he was tested positive for coronavirus

Dave Greenfield, keyboard player of the Stranglers, has died aged 71 after being tested positive for the coronavirus. A member of the popular punk rock band the british, he was hospitalized for heart problems. In pospedale would contract the Covid-19. The musician disappeared Sunday, may 3. Together the band became popular in the early ’70’s climbed the music charts with the single “Golden brown” and “Always the sun”.

The memory of the Stranglers

To connect with Dave Greenfield paid tribute to the other members of the band. “On the evening of Sunday, may 3, my great friend and colleague for 45 years, the genius musicaleDave Greenfield, died as one of the victims of the Great Pandemic of 2020,” wrote the bassist Jean-Jacques Burnel “We are saddened and we send our most sincere condolences to Pam”. The drummer Jet Black, who added: “We have just lost a dear friend and a musical genius. Together we have traveled the world, was adored by millions of people. A talent is huge, a great loss, we will miss him very much.” On Twitter, the singer and guitarist Hugh Cornwall has written: “He made the difference between the Stranglers and other punk bands. His musical ability and his gentle nature have given an important turning point in the band. It should be remembered as the man who gave to the world the music of ‘Golden Brown’”. Also the Italian Enrico Ruggeri gave Twitter his message of farewell: “You have enjoyed it, you made it part of one of the biggest bands in the History. All the keyboardists that I had to remember how many times I forced them to listen to you and to assimilate that way of playing your. Do you take a part of me.”