Island of the famous, the cards of the second episode: promoted and rejected

Island of the famous, the cards of the second episode: promoted and rejected

The ratings are slightly up, but the channel5 reality still loses against rai1. And between the study and Honduras, here are promoted and rejectedilary blasi begins on the third episode of the island of famous in golden version. And in the dressing room, at the end of the evening, it teases its admirers (look.)

Not to mention the debut of lamborghini elettra in the studio, finally healed by the covid (guard.) Mind to cayo cochinos akash is sent home by the televoto and elisa Isoardi… is not already as leader as he would have liked. Of course, just a matter of makeup and lights.

Vote 7. in the studio, then, he also debuts lamborghini elettar, after being forced home with covid. Vote 5, apply but can do more…ilary blasi, even fans don’t recognize her anymore, or almost… – read | foto | videoakash eliminated – at the end of the episode akash kumar is eliminated to the televote. Despite the bluest eyes of the sea around the island.

He was also heavily targeted by cumbersome zorzi from the first minute. Vote 3: from a reality habitué you expected better. Isoardi elisa, its buttery curves have not yet been seen – exclusiveHelisa isoardi is less and less leader – helisa isoardi landed on the island of famous as the super favorite and the (self-proclaimed) leader.

Vote 4elettra lamborghini mai vista so – lookthe first flirting (or supposed such) – a real gem lacks intimate contact with a man and has pointed ’simpatically’ akash (which was then eliminated. ) Braida even feels afraid of the hot proposals of the naufraga. The young partner is in the studio and seems quiet: “It’s a game, she’s like this.” But who knows it’s not a ball on the proverbial tilted plane… grade 5.

Meanwhile, the same awed puts his eyes on mireya and drusilla: “Mireya likes me, I don’t understand if there is or does it and she’s teasing everyone. The Brescian influencer does not seem like the same idea: “He’s funny.” that sounds like the most classic of the two of spades. Awed then passes to the gucci: “I always see her alone, she doesn’t talk to anyone.

In our group we talk so much.” “I’m not the spare wheel,” the 26-year-old clarifies. Vote 6 (ironic)Today ©Reserved PRODUCTION