Island of the famous, the news cards to the new episode: look promoted and rejected

Island of the famous, the news cards to the new episode: look promoted and rejected

Here’s what happened in the last episode of channel 5 reality. Between quarrels, evangelical counsels and… surprise balletsonce on the Island of the famous, hunger is pativated and you had to work to build a hut. Now, in this edition conducted by ilary blasi, it all looks like a great sports bar.

To the point that even helisa isoardi blooms: of the series, are we here to try to eat or chat as teenagers? It connects to say that it goes “so like this”. He would like to return, but the doctors suggest that they stay still for a while.

Who knows if you will take advantage of it to retrace some Italian language? Of course, you do not need humor lessons: “The doctor speaks to you in English?”, ilary blasi asked him. And grade 8 also to ilary blasi: it is the shoulder (it is the case to say…) perfect of the involuntary comedian gascoigne.

Everything, but just everything, on the island of the famous – specialBig words fly – awed and gilles rocca not if they are sent to say in the past days. “I was afraid, he threatened me to beat myself with the stick,” says awed. “My impression is that you can’t cash out a nomination, instead you should learn to do it.

E iva zanicchi (exclusive photos) tries to bring back a little serenity: “From home we are looking at you, with sympathy, with love and affection. This is a horrible episode, you have given the worst of you. You cannot hear certain words and expressions.” vote 10 to the always shiny zanicchi; vote 4 a gilles and awed for the beatings above the lines.

Ilary blasi, not even she disfigures in bikini – exclusiveelisa isoardi blooms and moves – elisa isoardi plays to make the leader, again. And while the English are already all crazy about her (look), the conductor has to deal with colleagues shipwreck. Furious: “There is the island of mules and the island of breaths.

But then, here is the moving surprise: in connection there is mother irma (look). “You look beautiful and I am proud of you. “I pushed her away because I was wrong and I was afraid to show her.

Isoardi elisa, its curves drive the English crazy – exclusivethe wisdom of angela melillo – Sister angela has already nicknamed her. A vaguely evangelical background, like: “The most lost sheep was true, now you have to see. That, in the end, she is the leader, since she defeats awed in the fire test.

– looklamborghini inserna il twerking a ZORZI… – elettra lamborghini returned in great shape after the covid. And if its strong piece was twerking (look), could perhaps fail in this edition of the Island of the famous? So, while trying to restore the connection with Honduras, here is the hereditary trying to teach the technique to cough zorzi and iva zanicchi (why not to ilary blasi?).

And if the singer takes her on laughing, the influencer puts it all on. Vote 6 to the lamborghini for perseverance; vote 7 for motives; vote 10 to the zanicchi for the autoironia.