Isoardi elisa with mother irma: “I tell you everything about my loves”

Isoardi elisa with mother irma:

Lunch, walk and dinner: the day of the wedge conductor is immortalized by the exclusive images of today. And the former naufraga tells his past and present love life…38 years old, happy elisa isoardi embraces mother irma sarale, 60. She went to visit her with castelmagno collar (cuneo) from Milan with the inseparable zenit dog and enjoys with her the day.

The conductor and the lady irma celebrated mom’s day with their dogs and then the photographer asked for some shots. Elisa niched, but at the end with the smile for which it is famous wanted to greet today’s readers (and all mothers). Appeared in excellent shape, hugged her mother several times, pampering her.

On the other hand, there is a deep affection and a great complicity, indeed she has apologized for neglecting it in the past. The conductor, ready to share with a program mediaset, is in beautiful form. Speaks elisa isoardi: “It takes me a man with a super brain” – exclusiveElisa isoardi a venus tv: che legs!

Click the photo to enlarge“My love GRANDE” – Elisa also makes a budget of her love life. “It was beautiful, five wonderful years, just all five no, otherwise it would not end. I bring in my heart a beautiful history, a beautiful memory (…).

“…the head!”matteo salvini and marriage with Franciscan Verdini: here is how things really are – look“Next handy since it ended with MATTEO…” – elisa confirms itself single. I haven’t been practicing since I left with a matteo. So many men have escaped, so a bit of sorrow I put it.” for elisa for now there are only aunt gabriella (video) and mom irma.

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