“It would be beautiful to become a singer as well”, Emma Brown publishes the theme of a small fan

2019 for Emma Brown must have been a year from the conflicting emotions, the fact of fears, anxieties, emotions and joys. If his comeback with the album Fortune has brought it back in the top of the charts as had not happened for ten years, at the same time, the “return” of health problems, has imposed a temporary expulsion from the scene for a new intervention. A set of elements that has a certain increased the degree of attention and affection in her regard, as it shows a theme published by the artist on the social, the signature of a small fan that was literally filled with compliments, describing it as “beautiful, blonde and also cute”. “I’d like to be she writes the young admirer – because he is very talented and helps people in difficulty. Then the theme closes with a wish: “it Would be beautiful to become a singer as well”.

And this is the phrase adopted by Emma Brown, who adds: “I start my day in a different way, they are charging and I don’t want to disappoint this little girl.” If this tweet of Emma Brown this is not news, it is certainly a nice sign of affection that the public trial against her. In these hours, the singer was also a guest de The moody blues, the nightly radio program of Radio2. A chat with the two conductors in which the artist from salento, also spoke of her health problems: “I’m fine – he said -I still have that feeling of fifa, it was a pretty tough, but thanks to God everything went well, better than so could not go.” Then add:

When you walk through certain doors, you can’t go back, but you can look forward with a completely different vision. I became even more fragile, yet more sensitive, but I live it as a miracle, not an impoverishment.