It’s a bargain soon return to the antenna : the big changes to expect

It is not without a certain relief that the teams of France Télévisions begin to see more clearly for the future. With the confinement, all the programs have been turned upside down and the strings hit. Between interruptions of filming, and sudden introduction of new emissions, not to mention the health measures are very strict to comply with, the audiovisual sector has had a very hard time these last few months. But on may 11, 2020 seems like a first breath of fresh air to Takis Candilis, director-general delegate to the antenna and programs of France Tv.

During an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, he explains in a long and wide its projects to stimulate the activity gradually. It begins with the return of location shooting, so those magazines in the afternoon. “May 11, It starts today of Faustine Bollaert on France 2 and I love you, etc, of Daphne Bürki will find the antenna with the numbers unpublished”, he says. But a follow-up appointment is eagerly awaited by the viewers : it’s a bargain. The issuance of a flea market range by Sophie Davant will prepare new numbers “the week of the 11th”.

But on this last point, Takis Candilis, will be strict about the rules to follow. More question of getting the vendors in the tray with the auctioneers in order to evaluate their objects, and the use of video conferencing will be always update. “Those who come to present an object will be out. The line set is simple : no more than three people in plateau, the other in video conferencing by Skype. We need to be exemplary.”

A return to normal very moderate which allows at least to prepare for the next school year. Remains that Deal was already managed to maintain the antenna in this particular period. Every night since mid-April, Sophie Davant animates a bargain home from home.