Jade Leboeuf mom of a boy : ad discreet of her husband Stéphane Rodriguez

Jade Leboeuf is the mother of a little boy ! The daughter of former footballer Frank Leboeuf, married to the former candidate of Secret Story Stéphane Rodrigues, has given birth to her child on August 9, 2020.

It is Story of their account Instagram that the bomb and his companion were aware that they were parents. The dad has transcribed the words of an extract of the resumption of the song Just the Two of Us, sung by Will Smith (in the clip the actor is featured with his son, Trey, whose mother is Sheree Zampino). But before that Stephane Rodriguez has written : “The unconditional love can only know failure. Sometimes it’s a struggle, but the link is created that cannot be broken.” The dad then added a date and a time, those of the birth of his child : 9 August 2020, 12: 45 pm.

Then come the famous words of Just the Two of Us : “Since the moment when the doctor you’ve placed in my arms, I knew that I would meet the death before you let somebody hurt you (… ). “Since the hôptal during this first night it took me an hour to just install the baby seat in the car”. In another Story featuring Leonardo DiCaprio in the face in his mirror and tapping the face to wake up, the husband of Jade Leboeuf was inscribed : “The fatigue is in the head.” Finally, he posted a picture of a lion, a lioness and their cub.

On the other hand, Jade Leboeuf has shared some of its contents in the Story also.

Jade Leboeuf and Stéphane Rodrigues announced the arrival of their first child on march 15, via a lovely message posted on the social networks : “Our love is a reality. It’s been a little over 4 months that we keep this event for us and that we live on a cloud and to imagine the coming of our son. Well, yes, we are expecting a little boy, our angel, who will represent our love.”

During her pregnancy, Jade Leboeuf has not hesitated to multiply the photo shoots with her pregnant belly. Pictures where she was sometimes naked, which earned him some criticism. But the young woman is not the type to let it go and she had answered so cash to its critics : “My response when girls ask me why I posed naked pregnant…” she wrote, accompanying his message undoigt of honor.