Jamie Oliver gives dietary advice and dealing with “big”

Head Chef, whose reputation is more to do in Great Britain, Jamie Oliver has drawn the ire of internet users, while he defended the new measure of Boris Johnson in the fight against obesity. Interviewed to give his opinion on the new reform of the british government, which is to limit advertisements for junk food, Jamie stated that this initiative was for him a “true belief”, beneficial to the health of the British. Referring to the dangers of obesity, but also the worsening of the symptoms of the Covid-19 on overweight people, he said that this initiative “could be an important measure in this terrible storm.”

The big Jamie Oliver

Unfortunately, his words have triggered many teasing and even a few outbursts of anger on the social networks. Considered to be quite chubby by the British, the dad of Poppy (age 18), Daisy (17 years), Petal (11 years), Buddy (9 years old) and River (3 years) has clearly taken to his rank. The dealing with hypocrite, many internet users did not hesitate to criticize openly the head, implying that he was not in a position to give dietary advice. “The big Jamie Oliver wants others to be lean”, for example, has written a user.

More annoyed, another tweets pointed out that the words of Jamie Oliver sounded fake by posting the menu for one of its restaurants located in Gatswick. On this children’s menu, we discover that dessert healthy does cost more than twice as expensive. He writes : “Jamie Oliver on television, saying he is campaigning against junk food for years. Here is the menu of Jamie’s Italian at Gatwick, where, among the desserts of the two children, the fresh fruit costing two times more expensive than a ‘giant ball’ of ice cream and chocolate sauce.” For the time being, Jamie has not yet responded to these attacks…