Jazmin Grimaldi infected by the Covid-19 : crying, she tells of her ordeal

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is a “survivor”. The daughter of prince Albert of Monaco has survived the sars coronavirus, and was keen to share his experience with his subscribers. In a video of more than eight minutes, the young woman describes its symptoms.

“I was tested positive to the Covid-19. The results arrived this morning. This was not a shock to me because this week I have felt several symptoms of the coronavirus. I have to say that I have taken all precautions, I am confined, I cannot go out for shopping, I always had worn masks…”, she started.

“This week I got very sick. The night of July 4, my throat has started to hurt me and I didn’t feel myself at 100%. I was tired. I started having fever at night with chills and cramps. I have kept this high temperature for three to four days after,” says Jazmin Grace, who is said to have passed these days of sickness to rest, in front of Netflix.

“And then the migraines came. I had a headache all day. The worst migraine was on 9 July. The day I was tested for the Covid-19 (…) I tried to sleep to make the migraine, it was very tiring”, she continued, specifying not to have suffered from loss of appetite, or loss of sense of smell or taste. Today, more than ten days after the onset of his first symptoms, Jazmin Grace said, feeling still a little woozy.

I am a survivor, I survived , and I’m very grateful,” she says. Traumatized by this experience, the daughter of the sovereign of monaco calls on its community to respect the rules of social distancing. “It’s scary, and I want all the world to take the virus seriously. Let’s try to solve this problem and to get better, together”, is upset, in tears.