Jean-Michel Mayor love : “fidelity to me at night”

Jean-Michel Mayor is no longer a heart to take. For the magazine Here, it has made several revelations about her love life rhyme currently with happiness.

“I’m in a couple since the beginning of the confinement. I hosted a girlfriend who lived in a studio… and it went super well together. We are always together”, he says to the magazine.

It was in June, Jean-Michel Mayor spoke for the first time his relationship with Marion, it was on the shelf not Touch to my post : “We have a love in common : dogs. It is found that she has two dogs and as she was confined with them in a small apartment, I offered him to come to me because I have the chance to have a terrace. I told him that the dogs would have more space and it would be less complicated for her,” he confided. In the end, it remained two months.

A relationship that seems a bit serious. Anyway, as said by the chronicler in the rest of the interview : “I have 58 years old, and the sex for the sex I’m not interested.” However, of the proposals, it in the a. If he receives on social networks, some of the hopefuls a pass squarely through Linkedin. Describing itself as “a grand romance”, Jean-Michel Mayor acknowledges one thing : “loyalty to me at night, because I’d rather leave than to cheat.” He explains : “I leave often and I pass for an asshole, because I have a lot of stories !” And speaking of stories in love, he has indicated that he would have tried a trick with Delphine Wespiser at the time she was working for Cyril Hanouna. Unfortunately, the ex-Miss France was taken and she still is since she is in a relationship with Roger “a guy super nice,” admits the journalist.