Jean-Paul Belmondo again in a relationship with Carlos Sotto, he reconnects with his ex

Return of the flame between two old lovers. Jean-Paul Belmondo and Carlos Sotto Mayor are together again, 40 years after their first romance. As the story goes Nice Morning, they went to Grasse, where they made a high-profile arrival in a Cadillac convertible.

This is a year that they are living a new romance. They even throw them together in new project, which is redolent of success… since it is a fragrance ! The duo has made up his own unisex fragrance, combining several of the 124 species which have been made available to them. Madame took the lead, the Magnificent ruled, the scent is called Marginal. A choice of symbolic, as Jean-Paul Belmondo had imposed upon his companion, Carlos Sotto Mayor on the set of this film directed by Jacques Deray in 1983. “The image I have of this shoot is a scene where I received a slap in the face, and, forgetting that I was in the cinema, I got up and I made ! Damage, they have not kept. With Jean-Paul, this is a great story and it is so moving and find us thus, forty years after,” said the actress, 59 years of age.

The lovebirds, very happy to have returned, embarked on the realization of a scrapbook in which they combine their memories of the years 1980 to 2020. Carlos soon to be released on an album in which his musical compositions will be associated with texts by Boris Bergman, lyricist of Alain Bashung. She has already planned a song for her man who called Fag in his mouth.

Thanks to the account Instagram of fifty-year-old, we can see that Jean-Paul Belmondo, and she spend a lot of time together. The last image shows them surrounded by friends, hand in hand. It has also been able to see them have dinner together. Carlos was the same with Bebel and his clan to celebrate his 87th birthday last spring. The couple was surrounded by Paul Belmondo, former automobile racer of 57 years, and his two sons, the handsome Victor, 26 years old, and Giacomo Belmondo, at the age of 21 years. The brother of the actor, Alain (89 years old), her cherished daughter Stella (16), as well as his grand-daughter Annabelle (age 32), were also present.