Jean-Paul Belmondo : Bodybuilding, calls hidden and tour, the film by its containment

A month after, on the occasion of his 87th birthday, brandished a fist to the glory of the carers involved in the struggle against the Covid-19, Jean-Paul Belmondo continues to live valiantly its containment. If it no longer has at his side his longtime friend Charles Gerard, who died in September 2019, The Beautiful can count on the company of another close friend, the filmmaker and writer Jeff Domenech, author of a documentary reference (Belmondo, itinéraire) on the sacred monster of French cinema. With the daily Le Parisien, the latter, who found himself accidentally stuck in Paris, a book – “with the endorsement of the actor” – a few glimpses of the manner in which they manage the daily special at the moment.

Suntan and workout…

The opportunity, to begin, to come back on this anniversary confined than Bébel has lived in the previous month. Confined certainly, but not forgotten : Jeff Domenech tells journalist Catherine Ball the insistence of Alain Delon on April 9, who has called ten times in a row in the hidden number before that at the eleventh attempt his name appears on the phone and he could send his congratulations to his friend, while the chambrant on his age. “Alain and I, we’ve known for more than sixty years and his friendship to me is precious”, summarizes Jean-Paul Belmondo who, that evening, was just watching a video in which his family, his friends and even a few guest stars he wanted his birthday”. If he had to make a cross on the tradition, who wants to he blows his candles “in his Italian restaurant favourite”, the actor has not failed to appreciate, “very moved”, all these loving video messages, including some from the same friends from Hollywood, like Robert de Niro and Mickey Rourke.

Graciously hosted by Belmondo, who offered him the cottage when the president of the Republic announced the implementation of the containment and that he found himself at the door of his hotel, in Cannes, Jeff Domenech, who was in the capital for the shooting of two new documentaries on the actor, detailing their typical day : “We take the breakfast to 10 hours, and then Jean-Paul reads the news, called his older brother Alain and his sister Muriel, his children and his friends. Then, he takes a sun bath on the balcony and then he made a small meeting workout”, lifting weights for fifteen to twenty minutes ! “What it lacks the most is not to share his meals with his brother, his sister or his buddies as he does in
normal time,” says Jeff. We know : the camaraderie is what Jean-Paul cherishes the most and it was painful not to be able to go to his “band,” or whether it will be able to travel on the Côte d’azur this summer : “I patient, like everyone else, and I’m waiting to see how the situation will evolve,” he says wisely.

When the Magnificent “is the con”

Willy-nilly but in form, as one can deduce from his workout at home, Bébel strictly adheres to the containment and is not taken out only once since it was enacted, leaving it to her maid to “take out the dog and fill the fridge”. But it stands “on the news” – his daily breakfast at the restaurant are now held in front of the JT 13 hours, Jeff playing occasionally the cooks in the kitchen – and “is concerned about the plight of the intermittents”, to be very severely impacted by the health crisis and the cancellation of all cultural events. The Cannes film Festival, and major sporting events, who are passionate about both, the chagrinent also, but it takes patient and time passes peacefully between watching movies, napping, reading… Domenech reports that the Ace of “prefer to unwind with a de Funès or Pierre Richard,” that watching his own films, even if he has consented to two sprains to the recent replays of The Beautiful and The bride and Groom of the Year II.

The Parisian is also filled to the actor, Antoine Duléry, one of the intimate well-known Bébel, he calls on a daily basis in FaceTime, and it has come to visit last week, no longer. “There, it’s been too long,” is justified Duléry, indicating they had obviously scrupulously followed the usual precautions. And get a picture of that, containment or no containment, no surprise : “Jean-Paul was very keen, it was the con as usual. First, it has made me believe that he could not speak, and after, he offered me a coffee as it was salty ! He made me the joke dozens of times… and each time, I am having. He never complained, as usual, and is always in the fantasy, smile.” The containment… beautiful, in short.