Jean-Pierre Elkabbach in recovery : the first reassuring news

Thursday 18 June 2020 is an important date for the French and their history. It is the 80th anniversary of the famous speech by general de Gaulle in London in 1940. His appeal called on all the compatriots on british soil, to mobilize and to join the French Resistance in order to counter Germany and the nazis.

It is thus quite naturally that a rain of tributes and commemorations, is shot down in the course of the day, both on the part of the government, and Emmanuel Macron, but also through the media. Like many chains, CNews has referred to this historic moment. In the broadcast Time of the pros, Pascal Praud has shared excerpts from an interview with a tough, Daniel Cordier, who had worked for the Liberation of the country.

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach still in withdrawal

In the course of its analysis, the facilitator spoke of his colleague and friend Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, absent antennas for long months now after her disturbing hospitalization occurred in October last. Pascal Praud, who has tried to contact him to invite him to participate in the debate of the day who had met with the resistant in question, was able to give reassuring news : “Jean-Pierre Elkabbach that I welcome, that I had this morning at the phone to Jean-Pierre. I said to him ‘do you want to respond ?’ and then he said to me ‘this morning, unfortunately, I can’t be with you.’ We greet him, he is in full shape.”

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, the figure of the chain, aged 82, had been forced to lift the foot at the end of the year 2019 due to health concerns. At the time, our confreres of Paris had been able to lift the veil on its well-being thanks to a close. “It is going well and is resting at home for eight days. He is recovering from a small surgery following a colic, î he told. But his recovery is going well, the return of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach is a priori not always expected to believe the information of Pascal Praud…