Jean-Pierre Foucault and Philippe Bouvard together for a beautiful inauguration

There was the beautiful world, of beautiful world at the opening of the restaurant Da Laura, on July 14, 2020 at Mougins. The hotel is located in the Alpes-Maritimes is the fruit of the collaboration of Gérard Louvin with Laura Merlo.

The duo has been able to count on the presence of numerous personalities for their beautiful ceremony. Roland Magdane and his wife Marie-Claude, Franck Dubosc, Michel Boujenah, Francis Perrin, Philippe Bouvard and Jean Pierre Foucault are all come in neighbours, happy to discover Da Laura.

From the top of its 90 years, Philippe Bouvard appeared somewhat tired, but well enough to exchange with Jean-Pierre Foucault and Francis Perrin. Perhaps the actor 72-year-old has-t-he expressed his anger at France Télévisions, which plans to stop his series Mongeville (France 3), so that the viewers are always waiting for you and the hearings are very good. A petition has been launched to save Mongeville and she has collected thousands of signatures.

For the inauguration of Da Laura, they are no less than 600 people who had been invited as reported by Nice-Matin. All were able to enjoy pecorinos, focaccia, cheese with truffles and other Italian specialities are served in abundance.

“It is a great delight to open this restaurant in the company of my friends, had entrusted Gérard Louvin to Nice-Matin. Laura, I did not know, but it was presented to me by Patrick Tartary (N.D.L.R.: operator of the Palm Beach in Cannes, where he opened The Small House and The Medusa) and Dove Attia and our meeting is born with a desire to work together”.

The address of the Da Laura (the 18 boulevard Courteline Mougins) is known, since previously there was the Villa Bel Horizon, where Picasso was staying once each summer with Dora Maar. “I even kept a white chair where the artist liked to sit”, has not failed to specify Gérard Louvin.