Jean-Pierre Pernaut : His daughter Lou (17 years old) couple and “super jealous”

Jean-Pierre Pernaut , father-in-law ideal ? 17-year-old, the daughter of the presenter’s flagship TF1 revealed to be in love for more than four years of a handsome young man answering to the name of Arthur Jochem. Guitarist and producer, the young man would be the boy-friend of Lou for the past four and a half years. Interviewed by the magazine Oh My Mag, the young woman did not hesitate to show his small defects as a couple-in particular the fact of being extremely jealous.

I am super jealous and possessive

“Personally, I am super jealous. (…) All the girls you my darling speaks even if it is her friends I’m jealous so yes I’m super jealous and possessive” she says with a sense of humor. With a well-tempered character, Lou already has a very clear idea of what she wants in her romantic relationship and reveals wanting to get married and become a mother. “I want a marriage and I want children, I want three or four” said, sure of herself and determined to achieve his dream. Then Jean-Pierre is already ready to let fly his daughter away from the house ? Or to pamper with her grandchildren ? Not sure. In any case, Lou seems to see only by his sweetheart that she shows regularly at his side on the social networks. Only question, Jean-Pierre a-t-he already confirmed his son-in-law ?

Father of four children, the facilitator of 70 years is married to Nathalie Marquay since 2007. The couple met in 2001 in the public of the election of Miss France 2002. Former beauty queen (elected in 1987), Nathalie had quickly succumbed to the charms and advances of Jean-Pierre. The year following their encounter, she had given birth to Lou (17 years), and then to Tom in 2003. The leader of the JT of TF1 is also the father of Olivier, and Julia (born of his marriage with Dominique Bonnet).