Jean-Roch closes its VIP Room in Paris, Laeticia Hallyday pained and nostalgic

“We no longer have the choice.. Thursday, may 21, 2020, in an interview to CNews, Jean-Roch commented on the closure of his famous club, the VIP Room in Paris. He had announced this decision a little earlier in the day, AFP, highlighting the “economic constraints and administrative”.

“For the past five years, we have experienced the full force of the consequences of the attacks, the events of the yellow vests and now the Covid-19. Our job is not helped in Paris. The VIP Room will not reopen its doors. It is finished. I put the business on sale,” said Jean-Roch 53-year-old, a figure in the world of the night, both DJ and manager of several clubs, including Saint-Tropez.

Finding that now that “Paris is no longer a party”, Jean-Roch has posted several messages on Instagram to thank his customer base : “Thank you for the good time.”

Located on the rue de Rivoli, opposite the Tuileries gardens, the VIP Room offered, on three levels, a library of 1000 m2, a lounge bar and an Italian restaurant La Gioia. Many DJS and renowned artists on there are products.

“Too many changes, too many things have changed in this city, in this country. Too many fractures, offsets. Unfortunately, the rents, all it takes to run a business like this, the number of employees, the expenses, everything that it includes… From 2015, we are living a nightmare in Paris and it is a lot of trouble keeping the passion of French visitors, foreign visitors, clubbers. The appointment, at the mass for the weekend, Friday, Saturday. The Saturday was gone almost all winter”, is sorry Jean-Roch on CNews.

He recalls, in addition to the partial unemployment for its fifty employees, the VIP Room has more, like many other institutions, not benefited from the government measures of assistance in the framework of the containment… It is not succeeded to find a solution for the rent and charges, insurance, etc after nine weeks of total closure.

The assistant to the mayor of Paris, Frédéric Hocquard, advance an explanation that does not satisfy all the world : “It is an evolution of the parisian night. But this is not the night that is kicked out of Paris.” A lot of night owls think that if, on the contrary… Finally, the fact that the rue de Rivoli is the last few days where cars are prohibited would not be arranged !

Since the announcement of the closure of his famous club, Jean-Roch has received the support of many personalities, including that of the journalist Mouloud Achour, the singer M. Pokora, – in which he certified that his club Saint-Tropez does not close, but also that of Laeticia Hallyday.

From Los Angeles, where she is confined with his two daughters Jade (15 years old) and Joy (11 years), Laeticia Hallyday sent her a message that she wished to share in his stories Instagram on may 21. “My Jean-Roch, I just watched all of your stories, I didn’t know. It makes me something because even if we are not living in Paris since a few years, you, and your team is so caring and this club is iconic, it is the memory of this time of carelessness, of happiness, of letting go,” he has it written. Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday knew very well the VIP Room for having celebrated many of their anniversaries. Jean-Roch had become a close friend over the years. He was present at the funeral of Johnny at The Madeleine in December 2017 and with Laeticia, Jade and Joy in December last, for the evening with Johnny Hallyday, A night at the Olympia. He was accompanied by his wife Anaïs Monory.

“I’ve seen my Man so happy in this place, to remake the world until the end of the night with his buddies. You can be proud to have given the dream and happiness. It is immensely valuable today. I know that the journey does not stop there… It will up to the moon. Respect and admiration for always. I love you strong,” said Laeticia Hallyday. Of the many words that have touched Jean-Roch, since it has repartagé this message in his stories.