Jérémy Flores : His companion, Hinarani de Longeaux, his perfect support

Jérémy Florès and Hinarani de Longeaux are on a cloud since the birth of their daughter Hinahei two years ago, but the surfer of 32 years and the former beauty queen 30 years old live feet in the water. The pandemic of sars coronavirus and containment were forced to stay in Tahiti. Paris Match went to meet them, a story to discover in the issue of the June 25, 2020.

Long accustomed to live to 100 at a time with his career as a surfer, Jeremy Flores says that becoming a dad has changed. “Even though I still need my adrenaline rush, I’m less reckless than before. I myself question. I have more responsibilities, ” says the one who won the championship is the QuikSilver Pro in October 2019. Thanks to Hinahei, I’ve learned to be patient. I’ve always loved children, but I didn’t think they could change me at this point.” The athlete admits that his priorities have changed : “I go out less, I spend less time in the water. All that matters to me is to spend good moments with it. To be a father, it is much better than I had imagined.”

This new balance, Jérémy Florès has not built alone, but with his girlfriend. Miss Tahiti in 2012, claiming the title of Miss France 2013 and Miss Universe, Hinarani de Longeaux has chosen another route, that of creating a brand of kimonos with her sister. Despite his activity very time-consuming, it remains an incredible pillar for Jeremy Flores. “Hinarani helps me a lot in my preparation. She knows when she has to take over. Sometimes, she spends entire nights to take care of the small so that I can be at the top of my form, the next day in the water,” he explains.

From the top of its 2 years, Hinahei has already done five times around the world to follow his dad in his competitions, the pace of life, especially with certain constraints, but a lot of positive. “During the competitions, their presence motivates me even more. And then it is a great school of life for my daughter. She encounters new cultures, she is forging a well-tempered character,” says his dad.

The full interview of Jérémy Florès is to find in Paris Match, on newsstands June 25, 2020.