Jessica (Koh-Lanta) : Avenged by Claude, adventurer relishes and rejoices !

Too often, Jessica is down to Regis in Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes, currently being broadcast on TF1, but never a member of the tribe of the yellow has not kept his word. A lack of honesty that has led to the elimination of Jessica in the episode of may 8, 2020.

As more than 6.5 million viewers, Jessica followed the episode of the Friday, may 22, hoping no doubt that the one who was the cause of his departure failed to qualify for the final. His wish was granted as Governed was eliminated when the board, while Eric had to say goodbye to Koh-Lanta after coming last in the final immunity challenge of the adventure.

Régis has been duped by claudius, the great master of this episode, which he had promised not to vote against him, so that he had two votes at his disposal. His and the black vote assigned to Jessica after her departure. To avenge his friend, but also Teheiura, Claude did not hesitate to vote twice against Regis. A backlash which Governed was not expecting and that it took a full head. “I played, I got burned”, he responded, bitterly, at the end of the board, which was fatal and deprived the grand final.

This elimination, Jessica has not missed any of the fun and has relished the attitude imperial of Claude, which has dominated end-to-end, this episode. Arrived first at the last event immunity, it had a collar and two votes for the board. Happy with the elimination of the Governed, Jessica did not hide his joy on Instagram.

“Koh-Lanta, Claudius Spartacus, you’re our hero tonight, she said, in laughter in a video released in his stories. This is the game friends, it’s just a game but what a friend !”

Five candidates remain in contention and will compete in the race of orientation : the two heroes, Claude and Moussa, and three daughters, Ines, Alexandra and Naoil.