Jessica Thivenin criticized on the education of Maylone : “Stuffed”, she wins

Jessica Thivenin’s hard to accept criticism, especially when they concern his son Maylone (8 months) and that they are unjustified. Thursday 18 June 2020, the wife of Thibault Garcia pushed a new rant on Snapchat.

There are approximately two weeks, the candidate of the Marseillais (W9) has noticed that the sleep cycle of her baby had changed. “This morning, Maylone woke up at 7: 30 am. Before, he would get up at 8am. After it has rechangé his sleep cycle, he woke up at 6 o’clock-6: 30 am. And now, the cycle is income. It switches back to 7am. I can’t make him do naps. When I layer, it turns in all directions, it becomes a tanned. It label, it will rattle…”, explained Jessica Thivenin on 3 June last. Since then, the beautiful blonde of 30 years old does everything for Maylone has a regular cycle. And this is not always simple.

“In the morning and in the afternoon, it is a little more in the war, but in the evening, it’s going to,” said Jessica this morning. And, a little after lunch, she explained to her son that he could play even a little bit, but after that he would have to go take a nap. “You can look at me like that, it is nap time after, okay ? If you want to play the fight of the sleep with mom, you’ll lose. Mom will always win. It is the mother who decides whether you sleep or not, okay ? “, has launched Jessica after seeing that Maylone was not very cooperative. Statements that have been controversial.

Jessica Thivenin “stuffed”

Some people have not appreciated his phrase “it is the mother who decides whether you sleep or not” and have him actually know. Disgusted, Jessica Thivenin has thus responded to his critics without further delay. “Don’t worry about the education of my son. Just now, when I say ‘it is the mother who decides whether you sleep or not’, well of course if he is tired, I’ll let him sleep. Before his nap, he didn’t want to sleep, but here it is an hour and a half he sleeps. It was KO, he has not slept this morning. If he is tired, of course I’m going to put it in his bed. But he never wants to go to bed. To share in the evening. So yes, at one point, when I see that he is tired, I layer. It is terrible to always open his mouth, it makes me crazy. As if I was mentally ill. (…) I know my son, I know when he is tired or not,” she said. She then regretted always having to justify itself, especially when it was not a real problem. “It seems that we should not miss. The goal, it is not that my son will sleep all day. It’s me babe. I’m going to block everyone, I was stuffed”, she concluded.